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Alpine Soap Creation

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This Soap turned out Beautifully!  It looks like twilight over the hills. Even more so since I updated it and added the 10 days cured picture at the bottom.

...I had the best of intentions to follow the design idea to the letter for the winner (she envisioned Alpine to have greens and reds and white like Christmas berries) ... but the soap had other ideas.  You see it wanted to be a mountain and a sunset, and it knew that it has a friend that wants to be a Christmas-y soap, since the scent is just like a Christmas tree.  So I gave into the persuasion of the soap and it told me how it wanted to look.  The colors we kept, greens red/pink, and white, we added a bit of midnight.  I'll go into the details below.


Overall I'm thrilled with how it turned out, and the soap feels in harmony with it's scent and design. 


It's pretty darn fresh yet, just cut... I couldn't help but take pictures... so we'll see how the colors respond after a few days, some times they fade, or morph, but I usually don't have problems with these colors.

For the design I did what is called an "elemental swirl" which is two pot swirls layered.  The first layer I had three colors, the first was spirulina powder, the second was sea clay, and the third was French green clay, I angled my mold so I could get a slightly off center pour.  I used Black Walnut Hull Powder for the pencil line.  The upper layer I used Rose Clay, Titanium Dioxide, and Alkanet Root Powder mixed with Indigo Powder.


The top I took a bamboo chopstick and dragged a shallow line on a 45* angle back and forth, and then reversed it and did it the other way.  It has a nicely finished top.

Alpine Scent from Majestic Mountain Sage we used it at 2.75% (so 36 grams per 3lbs of oils), it performed beautifully in my recipe, which has butters in it so some scents don't play nice with my recipe.  I knew this was going to be a intense design so I soaped rather cool, almost room temperature (probably about 85-90*) to give me time to work with it, I know if I soap at 110*+ that I have to work faster and I didn't have the hubby quick at my side to lend a hand.  I also had to go pick up the kids from Awana and had to let my lye and oils cool a bit longer than I intended... lets just be real. 

So what do you think of the Alpine soap...I almost want to call it Midnight Dreams...


Here's an updated picture of the soap about 10 days later:  The bright green morphed into a olivey brownish color, I sort of figured that would happen, which is why I mentioned that it might morph. I still love it though. It looks more like twilight than a bright morning.


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